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Team Wildcard Racing


Miki's Triumph Triton 750

Original Triton racer, built from new parts in 1957 to compete in the IOM TT. By the start of the sixties it was no longer competitive and was retired from racing and put on the road. Used on the road by racers Tim and Trevor Johnson for decades before being laid up and then sold to me around 2015. I am just completing a full rebuild prior to using it for the 2022 race season.


Phil's Triumph T21 350

Phil has raced this bike with success for many years now and it has been under constant development throughout this time. It is quick for a 350 and can keep up with some of the Manx Nortons out there. This is the bike Phil took to Bonneville to take the modified pushrod 350 record. Built from an original 1957 Triumph T21 so is one of the first unit triumphs in existence.

Triumph 350_edited.jpg

Chris' BSA A65 Outfit


This Chassis was built in 1969 by Terry Windle and John Crick. Titled the Windrick, these chassis were build for club and world championship level, and competed in the 1972 Isle of Man TT. Today, it is still competitive at club level, raced by Chris and new passenger Dave Bennett who are lying Second in the BHR Championship 2022.

Miki's Velocette 250 MOV

One of two Velocettes we are racing this year. Originally owned and raced by Trevor Johnston it is now owned by Phil and I am prepping and racing it this season 2022.

Rigid girder fork. Will be racing in the girder fork class.


Phil's Velocette 350 MAC

This is the other Velocette owned by Phil that used to be raced by Trevor Johnston. Split the engine clean in half at Pembrey last year, but has now been rebuilt and is ready for the new season.


Triumph Outfit

Triumph 500

Phil's Bantam 125

Triumph 500_edited.jpg
Bantam 125_edited.jpg
Triumph outift_edited.jpg
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