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Winter rebuilds 2016

Hi all.

Winter is here and we are all busy in the garage building the bikes for next year.

I have finally got the BAT on the bench and I have started a full rebuild for next season. First practice next year is on March 24th 2017, my 60th birthday so I won't forget that deadline for the rebuilds!

I am also doing a full engine rebuild on the Robert Burke Triumph 500 Metisse. I am still trying to get the megacycle cams to perform as they should and have decided to try upping the compression a tad to see if that helps the torque.

Phil has got the 350 Triumph engine apart and is fitting new rods etc. We are planning to compete at Bonneville Speed Week USA in 2018 and this winter's rebuilds have got their tech spec in mind!

Chris and Colin are building a new engine for their Triumph outfit at the moment.

We are going to Pendine Speed Week in Wales next May to try out the BAT and the 350 on the sand again. We will be hoping for records again.

I am away over Xmas but will update this site again in Jan.

Cheers, Miki

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