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Two days before first practice - 21 March

Well, it has been a long winter and I have spent many a long evening in the unit rebuilding the BAT outfit. We finally fired it up for the first time on Sunday, and discovered a serious leak to the front push rod tube so I had to do a quick top end strip to replace what turned out to be a damaged tube. Thanks as usual to Monty of Monty's Classics for producing the necessary parts on the spot.

Phil has also just finished the rebuild of the 350 triumph, after some problems with the interspan ignition, and had the bike running on Sunday as well.

It seems we have all been plagued with ignition problems, as Chris has only just sorted out the ignition on Ming, which is running a new engine this season.

All my gear loaded in the back of my new van. Practice on Friday. I will give an update after the event.

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