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Three Sisters - 10/11 May

A very wet Three Sisters greeted Phil, Miki, Chris and Colin Banks, my new side car rider. The mood was very apprehensive because of the conditions, very slippy - Phil's nemesis. The event was generally down on competitors, but that being said we were ready to do the business.


Phil's first race on the BSA was wet, he was going well but the race was red flagged. Second bantam race had a fair start, but Phil had tyre problems and a few scary moments. He lowered the pressures and had a better ride in the cup race . Triumph 350/21 first race was dry he diced and beat two 350 Manx Nortons.

Second race race was very wet, he had a flying start and finished 2nd.

Miki on the 500 Rickman Mettise, good choice of bike but did not feel happy about the riding conditions - a concern for all. A steady ride, I think we all needed a boat. It was bad on the tack.

Myself and Colin worked well on the Triumph kneeler outfit Ming. On a new circuit with a new passenger, we had some wicked slides (easier on the side car), it reminded me of going round the Tamar Inn at Calstock Bike Festival, but that's another story. The racing was very wet but great fun, Colin is a brilliant passenger having ridden with Tony Bannister (big wheeler ) for several years. He enjoyed the outfit and helped to achieve our first win.


Phil was flying in the first Bsa race, despite it being wet. He had the right tyre pressures and finished 4th. His final race on the went well again, putting Phil 4th in the Bantam championship. He also finished 3rd on the Triumph even though he had handling problems.

Miki chatted with a very focused rider about the conditions who said 'in the wet you gotta push hard to heat the tyres for more grip'. It worked! He pushed the limits as Phil did and started to enjoy the racing and looked really smooth in the process. He ended the event with a smile and in one piece, and set off to bonny Scotland with Rhona for a welcomed break.

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