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The Belgian Classic TT

Hi there.

Sorry for the delay in posting once again but working away has got in the way.

Gedinne was amazing. The weather was baking hot the whole time except for the thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon which made for a scary finish to the weekend. Road racing is definitely a whole different ballgame to short circuit racing.

As usual me and Phil ended up with very similar times, with Phil ahead by a few hundredths of a second by the end of the weekend. We both managed a three minute lap which was our aim on arrival at Gedinne so very happy with that. Our heartfelt thanks go to Stu and Andy for their invaluable support throughout the weekend. Stu even took us to the local supermarket to buy the beers! Congratulations to them on their top tier finishes in their first races too.

Chris and Colin had a great time on the outfit up until Chris ended up in the straw bales and broke his leg.

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