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Team Wildcard, Ready Salted!

This is Team Wildcard checking in from the fastest place on Earth: Bonneville Speedway, Wendover, Utah, USA. And to say it is epic here, would be a wild understatement.

Following in the legendary tracks of Burt Munro, and a whole host of global speed chasers, has been a vision for Phil and Miki for a number of years. And several years of prep, straightlining practice at Pendine and Elvington, a tonne of internet and personal research, hours of studying the Bonneville rule book and a hell of a lot of bike build and testing time has paved the way for what’s finally happened today: both Phil and Miki taking their first salty runs on ‘Mountain One’, in their mission to perhaps break, and make, some Bonneville speed records.

However, the most nerve wracking part of the journey thus far actually hasn’t been taking to the salt for the inaugural Team Wildcard runs. That moment was deeply experienced by the guys in Salt Lake City as we neared the industrial unit where the bikes had apparently been delivered safe and sound. But they weren’t going to be able to breathe easily until they saw the bikes and tools, and could see that everything had arrived, on time, and was all in one piece.

We expected that we’d need to allow a significant amount of time for this part of the process, and we found our way to Advanced Delivery Service in an industrial estate on the edge of SLC, pulled up at the back gate – and right there, sitting proudly in the doorway were both bikes. And right next to them, all the toolboxes. Not a dent or any issues to be seen.

The Advanced Delivery Service guys were utter legends and Miki and Phil almost cried tears of joy! After packing up the trailer, we hit up I80 and followed the signs out to Wendover. This is when we began to see the salt...

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