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So much for final testing...

After fitting the taller gearing ( 22/47) we went for final testing on 01/05/2019.

The plan was to ensure the 650 would pull the taller gearing and run at full chat for at least four miles.

Of course Phil's 350 managed this with no problem, although we are still struggling to read his plug chops which are an unusual grey pattern unlike anything we are used to seeing.

My 650 did the first seven mile run with no problem, getting up to speed as predicted. On the second run however, this happened!

Just a quick note for anyone who has suffered a holed piston. Do not be convinced by anyone who tells you you can do a top end strip and flush out the bottom end. This is not the case and could only be done in an emergency in the paddock. The engine will need a full strip right down to the sludge trap which will also need removing and cleaning.

A week later and the bike is back together and ready for initial road testing. I have replaced the 11-1 pistons with 9-1 for this stage of the testing, to ensure we don't run in to the same end result as last time! Full testing on the 25/05/2019 should show what's what.

We have been talking to the guys who are flying the bikes out to Salt Lake City and this part of the process is now in hand. We have entered Bonneville Speed Trials and are looking at our transport options as we speak.

I will try and keep posting but I will be away working for the whole of June into July.

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