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Lydden Hill - 25/26 July

I was looking forward to this event, being the track where I cut my teeth as a rookie bike racer on my Triumph Thruxton Bonneville way back in the late seventies, but thats another story. This time Daphne traveled up in the car with me arriving very late in the dark and the rain, thanks for your support babes. Practice went well on the outfit , Colin as ever working the chair to good effect, we were ready, and had some cracking races finishing in the top 5 well done mate.

The meeting being a bit special, the tenth year since Trevor Johnsons brother Tim passed away. Tims bike (that Miki rode for a while) had been race prepped by Mervin Stratford and son. It was a beautiful job. In Tim Johnson's memory a team of guys pushed the bike around the circuit drinking beer and recalling good memories of days past.

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