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Lydden Hill

Hi it's Phil here.

Chris is off to Gedinne in Belgium for the Classic TT and Miki is tied up with work so I went to Lydden on my own this time. I took the T21 and, after a major rebuild, the liquid cooled Bantam came along too. The new crank-cases were prepared by Ted Smith, thanks Ted!

This was only my second track meeting this year on the T21, and the first in 18 months or so on the Bantam and I did feel a bit out of practice! I took the T21 out for first practice and all felt good so I took the Bantam out for second practice and the engine felt good but it was jumping out of second gear so I came in after a few laps.

I decided to take the Bantam out for the first race and attempted to keep it in gear with my foot. That didn't work. A couple of laps in and the engine nipped up going into devil's elbow, but I got the clutch in and made it round. I think a main bearing has collapsed but haven't had time to confirm that yet. The Triumph went well as usual, but there was a flat spot at lower revs making it hard to pull out of corners smoothly. I finished all three races on the T21 and really enjoyed the weekend, even with the few problems I had.

So it's back to the garage to get ready for Pendine Sands at the end of September.

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