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LF Harris Corporate Day 2017

Thanks to our friend and sponsor Monty, from Monty's Classic Motorcycles, we were invited to attend this day and bring our two solo Triumph race bikes. As I am sure you know, L.F.Harris took over the production of Triumph T140s between 1985 and 1988, on licence from John Bloor, who went on to build the Hinckley plant.

Monty organised approx 50 bikes and riders to come, and together with the customers of L.F.Harris it made for a brilliant day. The highlight was a display by the Royal Signals White Helmets display team, one of their last as they have now disbanded. This is Phil looking happy on one of the White Helmet bikes!

We weren't expecting to even fire up the race bikes but Monty had other ideas, and before we knew it we were blasting around the oval grandstand without helmets or gloves or leathers, followed by a growing number of other riders (including Monty) in a growing haze of Castrol R. A beautiful moment. Both our clutches were almost on fire by the end of it!

Thanks to L.F.Harris for hosting such a great day. Check out an old display from the Royal Signals White Helmets here:


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