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First steps to the Salts of Bonneville

Here is the first of our weekly blog which will will hopefully go some way to documenting our trip to the Bonneville Speed Trials , Utah USA in August this year, 2019.

This venture started four years ago with a trip to Pendine Sands to check out Straightliners record racing on the beach. By 2016 we were both competing in top speed racing with Straightliners on the beach, and using that as a way of sussing out what would be needed for us to successfully compete in the iconic Bonneville Speed Trials. Phil has always intended to use his 350 Triumph as his bike of choice at Bonneville, but true to character, I chopped and changed a while before deciding on the 650 Triumph as my Bonneville bike. Here is the progress so far for the Bonneville.

2018 saw us at Elvington as well as Pendine, testing the two bikes and getting a good selection of UK records at the same time. We also met a few people at these events who had already been racing at Bonneville, and we picked their brains as much as possible on the ins and outs of getting there to compete. I have spent the last few months working out the logistics of the trip which has actually turned out to be a lot more complicated that I expected. There is no definitive guide on the internet so the process has been time consuming. That has been part of the inspiration for this dedicated blog, as a layman's guide to Bonneville from start to finish.

We have both stripped our bikes and started the rebuild. We have studied the rule book closely and also I have contacted the head of scrutineering (tech spec) at Bonneville to ensure that both our bikes are built according to the very strict rules for each class. This blog will be the first of an ongoing series of photos and words which will hopefully document the build, the trip, the salt and the record breaking! Meanwhile here are a few of the 350 engine build.

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