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Darley Moor - 26/27 July

Phil made his own way to Darley Moor this weekend as Both Miki and Chris were unable to come due to work commitments. Luckily for Phil, Trevor and Malc were there on the outfit to keep him company! The weather was hot and dry for the whole weekend which led to some great racing.


Phil was out first on the Triumph 350. The first race went well with Phil managing a 4th place. In race two he had a poor start, being crowded out and dropping back, but made up ground throughout the race. The handling was better and he finished the race in 5th place.

First race for the lc bantam was a bit of a panic due to a faulty water pump discovered just prior to the start of the race. Phil managed the start but felt the power dropping off throughout the race, finishing 6th in the end. The second bantam race of the Saturday saw the power dropping off on the lc again, and finally nipping up on the hairpin in the fourth lap. It turned out that the barrel stud had sheared off in the crankcase and the engine had overheated. This meant that Phil was on the trusty spare Bantam, Josie, for the Sunday races.


The day was dry and bright and saw Phil back out on Lenny's 350 Triumph. Starting the first race of the day at the back of the grid, Phil fought his way up to third place by the end of the first lap, and hung on to finish in third place, just ahead of Paul Matravers. The second race of the day saw Phil once again finish in third place, putting in his fastest lap of the weekend. By his reckoning he is now fourth in the championship.

Josie, the air cooled Bantam which is much slower than the lc, still gave Phil a good bit of track time and two finishes of 7th and 8th.

All in all a great meeting, I wish we all could have been there! Roll on Cadwell.

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