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Bonneville: Almost ready for testing!

Once again, I am sorry for the delay in updating this blog, I find this a lot harder to do than working on the bike for some reason!

Anyway, it is now mid April and we have both finished building the bikes that are going to Bonneville this year and have been testing the bikes to iron out any problems. I have decided to gear the T120 up again, so it is now running 22/47 final drive. I have fitted a new clutch and need to test the bike again to ensure it can pull the new gearing. Today I discovered that both petrol taps are leaking slightly, and I will be addressing this later.

The T120 Bonneville ready for final testing:

Phil has been busy setting up the 350 to be able to run in the fuel class. This entails having a fuel shut off on the handlebars, and to do this he needed to fit a battery and an electric shut off valve. This has now been done. Here he is firing up the 350 T21 after a full rebuild.

Last week I completed registration with Bonneville Speed Trials, and we have been sent our tickets and gate passes, so we are another step closer to going!

We are testing this coming Wednesday 1st May and as long as everything goes well then I have to put the bike away and get ready for my summer season working away, so fingers crossed.

I will try and do another blog before too long! Cheers, Miki.

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