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2018 Season overview

Hi all.

I am doing one big update for 2018 because as usual we have been rubbish at keeping up with the blog!

We started the year off at Mallory for the practice day. I took the outfit and the Daytona and Phil took the trusty 350. All bikes were going well. I had added a baffle to the Daytona exhaust and I think it was going better because of it. Colin Banks turned up and kindly agreed to passenger on the Bat, as Chris couldn’t make practice. We had a couple of good outings but ended up with a failed coil. Phil’s 350 just kept going as usual.

Me and Phil stayed on for a couple of days after practice as we had booked my two Mk1 speed triples in for a track day on the Sunday. On the Saturday we went to the Triumph factory and spent several hours in the new visitor centre which was really impressive, more on this in another post.

The track day went well and we really enjoyed taking different bikes around Mallory for a change. I spent the following few weeks building a new bike to do land speed racing- a Triumph 650 oil in frame unit bike and finished it just before we went to Pendine sands in May. The weather was amazing for the weekend and we had a great time. I did 13 runs over the weekend on the new bike and my best speed was just over 107mph which I was very happy with for a first outing! Phil also had a successful weekend, gaining a couple of new records as well and breaking the 100mph again on the 350.

Chris and Colin have just got back from the Southern Hundred. They took the Triumph outfit, Ming, with the hopes of doing better than last year when they just failed to qualify. It paid off as they qualified on Saturday and did the first race on Saturday evening. They did a second race on Sunday and came away with a finishers medal which I am sure they a rightly proud of. Well done to Chris and Colin for a great achievement!

Me and Phil are off to Prescott Festival next weekend to run the hill with the 350, 500 and the Bat. Mike Woolley is coming as passenger and we are looking forward to another great weekend at the event that raises money for the blood bikes charity. A great couple of days out if you get the chance to come.

That’s it for now. Cheers, Miki

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